Our Mission

Our mission is To inspire, educate, and serve people of all ages and beliefs by providing an environment that facilitates the interconnection of nature and spirit.

Mandala is dedicated to providing a sacred and tranquil environment for individuals and groups to experience the interconnection of nature and spirit while enhancing their own practices.

We produce our own retreats, events, and festivals. We host private retreats and special events. Additionally, we co-sponsor events with organizations that share our mission and values.

Grounded in the ancient tradition of Bhakti Yoga, Mandala celebrates nature and all life as sacred, and provides a place for individuals of all faiths and beliefs to be immersed in learning, healing, and self-reflection.

Mandala seeks to fulfill its mission by:

  • Supporting an organization/staff that is dedicated to serving and caring for our guests and participants

  • Sustaining an environment that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit

  • Providing programs that educate and inspire creative growth in the arts, spirituality, and environmental education

  • Creating an environment where guests feel at home by respecting diversity and welcoming the spiritual and cultural practices that they follow

  • Careful attention to preserving the beauty of the buildings, grounds, orchards, and gardens

  • Honoring the principles of a traditional yogic diet and conscious living through maintaining medicinal gardens as well as a vegetarian/vegan, substance-free facility

  • Being environmentally sustainable through implementing renewable energy, growing organic vegetables and fruits, planting trees, and managing our watershed