Mandala Springs History

Glenbrook Resort - 1881 

In the Cobb Valley area, one of the earliest resorts without any hot springs had its beginnings as a stage stop halfway between Middletown and Lakeport at Glenbrook. Other small campgrounds and housekeeping facilities were developed over the years, but most are only a memory.


In 1869, William Bassett and Silas Broaawe I bought the Glenbrook site in Cobb Valley and built a stage station, houses, and stock buildings; by 1871 there were accommodations for 100 guests, and Glenbrook had become a resort. William Bassett ran the operation for the next 25 years, claiming Olenbrook to be a health resort offering fine scenery, hunting, fishing, and an excellent table. The stage brought guests and the mail three times a week.