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Group Wellness activities*

Go offline, and connect with what matters most. We offer a wide range of wellness programs for you to experience.


Wellness Activities

Wellness activities can help your guests have a restorative experience.  Drop into a class on meditation, yoga, tai chi, or qigong, to clear your mind and let go of the stresses of the day.

Activities Include

  • Yoga in Nature

  • Healthy Cuisine

  • Guided Meditation

  • Sweat Lodge

  • Onsite Massage

Explore Nature

Unplug from your device and get lost in nature.

Experiences in Nature

  • Multiple nature trails

  • Meditation groves

  • Nature Photography

  • Star Gazing platforms

  • Biking and Hiking

  • Explore the streams and pond

  • Wildlife explirences

  • Ancient forests


We have a large community of skilled practitioners in the healing arts, human development, and education.

Educational Courses

  • Wellness courses

  • Self improvement courses

  • Environmental education

  • Cooking to cleanse and cure

  • Wilderness courses

*Note: Wellness and Education activities are available to groups only, and must be scheduled in advance.

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Laughter is the best medicine: relax and enjoy a carefree camp experience


Included Activities

Mandala Store

Coffee (Kurig), snacks, merchandise and camp wares are available in our Mandala Store. Hours Vary.


Cozy up to the heat and smell of a traditional Bonfire. Sit at the foot of majestic mountains under the stars. 

Lawn Games and Sports Fields

Get in the sun and play with friends and Family! Games included are: Volleyball, Badminton, Bocce Ball, Corn Hole, Soccer, Footballs,  Frisbee, tug a rope, kickball, and more.

Wifi Internet

If desired High speed internet is provided throughout most of the property.

Water Activities

Swimming Pool & Hot tub

Lounge poolside with a view of the local mountains. 

Kelsey POND - Boating Activities

Our onsite lake is a pleasant way to get cooled off. We offer water sports like paddle boarding, kayaking and paddle boats.

Kelsey & alder CREEK

Explore the creeks that surrounds the property, wade into the pools where the two creeks come together in a natural confluence.

Mandala Springs Trail

Visit our sacred spring and blue rock meditation peak at the end of our sacred trails.

Curated Activities

Choose from a variety of activities, giving your group the chance to get to know each other more, have fun, and build trust by spending time together outside of structured meetings. When you reach out to book, let us know which activities interest you and we’ll help you plan.

Curated Activities include:

  • Archery

  • Solar carving

  • Hay rides

  • Live Band

  • Miniture Golf

  • Color Wars



*Note: Curated Activities is available to groups only, and must be scheduled in advance.

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We believe food is medicine. Experience delicious and restorative event catering - offered with love, from our garden to your plate.


Eating to Save the Planet

At Mandala Spring, we believe that a healthy nutritional diet, in combination with an holistic lifestyle, can have a positively transformative effect on one's body, the mind, and the environment. We offer organic plant-based food as part of a wholesome vegan/vegetarian diet program, that detoxifies the body, focuses the mind to deepen one's spiritual practice, resulting, effectively, in a long-lasting sustainable impact on the environment. We offer and eat delicious healthy food to heal the body and to save the planet. 

Vegan & Vegetarian Offerings

Whether we provide gourmet catering for your retreat or you bring your own chef to provide the meals for your event, Mandala Spring provides an ideal setting  for a variety of vegan or vegetarian offerings. From cooking courses to the creation of a personal detox diet plan, our educational programmes also cover multiple courses to support  a healthy plant-based lifestyle for you and your family. 

From our Garden and Orchard

The fruits and vegetables for the meals prepared and offered at Mandala are, as much as possible, sourced from our very own garden and orchard. Our team is inspired by an objective toward self-sufficiency and sustainability, and we actively strive to grow our own organic local produce. 

*Note: All meals onsite are catered to groups of 20 or more persons, and must be scheduled in advance. We do not operate a restaurant. All overnight guests need to bring their own food onsite.


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